Just For You

Simplicity At Next

We are committed to introduce Digital Farming by innovative technology with simplicity for our Farmers.

  • Seeds
    We will offer you to choose seeds depends on Your Way of Farming. You can buy seeds depends on maturity, type of irrigation, type of seeds, and packaging. With this filter, the system will show only those seeds which suit Your Way of Farming.
  • Fertilizers
    We care for your expenses in farming that didn’t add value to your productivity. With our filter of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Salinity, Zinc 's quantity in soil, you will get the most appropriate quantity and quality of fertilizers for your farmland.
  • Crop Protection
    We aimed to save your crop from external and internal factors of crop diseases. We will offer the most relevant chemicals for your crops with the assurance of quality and originality of products by using AI and crop calendar.
  • Fertility Test
    We are bringing technology next to you. In this attempt, we are going to offer soil and water test for your cropland. It will help to calculate the quantity of fertilizers needed for your farmland and to increase the productivity by minimizing the cost.
  • Farm Machinery
    We are also working to make you independent in terms of the overall farming process. We will offer you a platform to compare price of farm machineries near to you and based on the comparison you will have the best deal on our platform.
  • Others
    We are not limited to only the above services. We are committed to bringing the evolution of modern farming to you. For that, we are continuously working and organizing futuristic services for you in the most affordable and accessible form.