We Handle It
You deserve an intimate to get innovative solutions to your problems on one platform. Together, "We Handle It".
Your Future Inmates
You have the responsibility to feed India and our responsibility is to assist you in the assimilation of modern farming with innovation and AI to increase productivity.
Technology Next to you
We have aimed to simplify digital farming and make it accessible to every farmer of India. We have committed to putting evolution in farming technology next to you.

Every Farmer Matters



To innovate Green Technology in each sector and bring it to everyone’s life to save the planet, together.



To Innovate and Organize Agricultural Technologies with collaboration to solve Farmers problems.

“Everything else can wait
Agriculture can’t”

Norman Borlaug

Our Core Values

Strived to make a full-fledged Agriculture platform for the Farmers of India


You are a catapult for a start up

Solution of problems and Investors go together. Investors invest in ideas and visions that influence society to a large extent. And we are waiting for you to create a difference, together.

What We Observed


  • Cost of crop inputs
  • Accessibility and Affordability of services
  • Unorganized farming system
  • Lack of Real-time solution
  • Ignorance of crop input products
  • Conventional way of advertisement of products
  • Perception of people towards farmers
  • Improper market access for needs
  • Spurious goods in the market


  • Effective Delivery System
  • Innovation in Modern Farming
  • To bring all services on one platform in organized manner
  • Introduction of AI and ML
  • Details oriented video advertisement
  • Introduction of Digital Farming to each farmer
  • Collaboration with ag-tech companies for wide range of services
  • Simplicity at core of the services
  • Implementation of Modern Farming Technology at ground


Just For You

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